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Clearwater Bay is the first area of open water that you will see on Lake of the Woods, when driving eastward on the TransCanada from Winnipeg.

Clearwater Bay is considered the prime address for cottages on Lake of the Woods. Quick access from Winnipeg being the main reason. However, the location has lots to offer for both cottagers and vistors alike.

We welcome you to visit our site often and keep up with what's happening in Clearwater Bay, Lake of the Woods.


Winter Safety

Clearwater Bay, Ontario offers many great winter activities including snowmobiling and ice fishing among many. Have lots of fun, but be safe!

The following safety tips are strongly recommended by the OPP...

·         Do not use alcohol or drugs – before or during snowmobiling.
·         Operate at safe and reasonable speeds 

·         Stay on trails and in areas where snowmobiling is permitted.
·         Use extra caution when riding during the evening or night.
·         Keep your snowmobile properly maintained.
·         Know the terrain you travel.
·         Avoid travel over unfamiliar bodies of water.
·         Listen to the weather forecast before you venture out.
·         Always wear a safety certified helmet and proper layered clothing.
·         Ride with a buddy or with a group.
·         Inform someone where you are going and when you plan to return.
·         Carry emergency supplies.


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