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Clearwater Bay is the first area of open water that you will see on Lake of the Woods, when driving eastward on the TransCanada from Winnipeg.

Clearwater Bay is considered the prime address for cottages on Lake of the Woods. Quick access from Winnipeg being the main reason. However, the location has lots to offer for both cottagers and vistors alike.

We welcome you to visit our site often and keep up with what's happening in Clearwater Bay, Lake of the Woods.


Four-laning Highway17 ,section 3 information session

Saturday July 24h there will be a information session about the four-laning between Rush Bay Road and Kenora held at the Clearwater Bay Firehall. Presentations will be held throughout the day with specific start times. Be sure to checkout the link. Clearwater Bay residents are urged to attend. The presentation should clear up any rumors that are circulating.

The last information session held in May was very informative. Photos and drawings of the highway with details on possible routes were presented. These same presentation boards will be shown Saturday.

Last week in a session held at City hall, the City of Kenora council decided to support a group asking for all road work to remain on the north side of the highway . Twinning, rather than developing a four lane super highway would be the least detrimental to the environment in our area. 


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