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Clearwater Bay is the first area of open water that you will see on Lake of the Woods, when driving eastward on the TransCanada from Winnipeg.

Clearwater Bay is considered the prime address for cottages on Lake of the Woods. Quick access from Winnipeg being the main reason. However, the location has lots to offer for both cottagers and vistors alike.

We welcome you to visit our site often and keep up with what's happening in Clearwater Bay, Lake of the Woods.


Highway 17 Update

The Transportation Enviromental study for the section of Highway 17 between Gundy Road and Rush Bay Road, Section 2, is complete and is made available for public review in Kenora. Displays are located in town at the Kenora Public Library, City of Kenora and the Keewatin Branch Library.

The public is encouraged to review the document and make comments before Dec. 10th, 2009.

The study for Section 3 is underway and notices will published at a later date. With this section being a concern for all Clearwater Bay residents, be sure to consult the website as the only paper carrying the government notices would be the Daily Minor News.
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