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Clearwater Bay is the first area of open water that you will see on Lake of the Woods, when driving eastward on the TransCanada from Winnipeg.

Clearwater Bay is considered the prime address for cottages on Lake of the Woods. Quick access from Winnipeg being the main reason. However, the location has lots to offer for both cottagers and vistors alike.

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Outdoor Resin Furniture

Resin patio furniture or plastic patio furniture is the latest trend and spreading fast. Gone are the days when outdoor furniture was a dingy set of white flimsy chairs.Resin patio furniture has actually moved into being both practical and functional.

Recycled plastc Adirondack chairs and furniture have been designed for comfort and are built to last. They are unaffected by sun, rain, snow, even chlorine and saltwater. There is no need to paint or sand your outdoor chairs or apply a treatment seasonally. They do not rot, warp, crack or splinter. And because the furniture has solid color throughout, you can leave your adirondac chairs outside year-round because they will not fade.

Manufacturers make resin and plastic patio furniture in such a way that it closely resembles painted wood. There are some that make their plastic Adirondack chairs and resin patio furniture out of Polymer. This material is made of HDPE which is a high density version of polyethylene plastic. It is a hard, strong, and heavy plastic resin that has been purified and UV protected. Other manufacturers use a synthetic wood substitute made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and containers. The plastic is permeated with UV stabilized coloring that is consistent throughout.

With such life-long features, it is no wonder why people are getting sold on plastic patio furniture. Outside of caring for and cleaning your furniture with soap and warm water, you can “sit back, relax and forget about it."

Most recycled plastic furniture manufacturers use stainless steel hardware in their construction process. The hardware used has a high level of corrosive resistance that complements the already unique nature of the furniture allowing you to leave it outside year-round. The solid, heavy-duty construction keeps all furniture made of recycled plasticon your deck or in your yard. An adorondack chair made of recycled plastics, on average, weighs between 45 to 60 lbs.

Outdoor chairs comes in a variety of colors and styles. The Adirondack style has been a very popular version for patio furniture. You can choose colors such as white, aqua, beige,lime, yellow, red, forest, blue, and more.

Although you may spend a little more for the recycled patio furniture styles, you will find it is an investment worth considering. Whether you are looking for furniture to place on a rustic lakeside deck or for a condo patio, you may find exactly what you are looking for at The Pinewood Restaurant and gift shop located in Clearwater Bay. Pinewood carries a good selection of both chairs and bar table sets in stock and online .Check out their line of comfortable chairs and accessories at:


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