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Clearwater Bay is the first area of open water that you will see on Lake of the Woods, when driving eastward on the TransCanada from Winnipeg.

Clearwater Bay is considered the prime address for cottages on Lake of the Woods. Quick access from Winnipeg being the main reason. However, the location has lots to offer for both cottagers and vistors alike.

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Lake of the Woods Cottages - Rental Service

A new service has been launched in the Lake of the Woods for cottage owners. Lake Life Property Management is a full service cottage rental service that makes renting your cottage hassle free. The new company handles bookings, screening cliental, cleaning and meeting with the renters to give and collect the keys.

In today's economy, many cottage owners are looking for ways to keep or upkeep their camps. Renting out the cottage for even a few weeks only, could also allow an owner and family to take a well deserved winter holiday.

If you are an owner or a renter and are looking for more information, email:



Keep bears out of your neighbourhood!

Bears pose a problem for most cottage areas in Canada. Clearwater Bay is no exception. As much as we all enjoy siting a bear in the woods, nuisance bears pose a real problem for everyone. The following article offers some great tips for Clearwater Bay cottage owners to incorporate into their routines at the lake.

You may not even know you are doing it. You could be attracting bears onto your property and into your community. Garbage is the main reason why bears are drawn into communities. Bird and pet food, greasy barbecues and ripe or decaying fruit, berries and vegetables are other invitations to bears to forage for food in your yard. This is not good for you, for your neighbours or for bears.
Problems with bears are usually created by people. By following these tips every spring, summer and fall, you can avoid attracting bears to your property:


* Eliminate odours. Put garbage in containers that have tight fitting lids, and only put it out on the morning of garbage day, not the night before
* Whenever possible, store garbage in bear-resistant containers, or indoors (house, shed, garage). Do not store garbage in plywood boxes, old freezers or vehicles
* Put meat scraps in the freezer until garbage day
* If you do not have curbside pick up, take your garbage to the dump often
* Frequently wash garbage cans and recycle containers and lids with a strong smelling disinfectant

Bird/Pet food:

* Fill bird feeders only through the winter months
* Do not leave pet food outdoors. Feed pets indoors, not outside or in screened in areas or porches


* Avoid landscaping with trees, shrubs or plants that produce food known to attract bears (some examples include crab apple trees, mountain ash, beech and oak)
* Do not put meat, fish or sweet food (including fruit) in your composter
* Remove vegetables and fallen fruit from the ground
* Pick all ripe fruit from trees and bushes


* Be aware that cooking odours can attract bears
* Remove grease and food residue from barbecue grills, including the grease cup underneath, after each use
* Learn about bears, their needs and behaviour. Share your knowledge with others. Encourage your neighbours and your community to practice Bear Wise habits. It takes everyone working together to keep bears away.

Most bear problems can be averted by people. Remove or control things known to attract bears. This will keep people safe and bears wild. Trapping, relocating or killing bears does not keep bears out of your neighbourhood. As long as attractants are present, bears will come.

If your personal safety is threatened, contact your local police force or dial 911.

TO REPORT BEAR PROBLEMS: contact the Bear Reporting Line at:
1-866-514-BEAR (2327) (TTY) 705 945-7641

referenced from:MNR website Be Bear Wise


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